ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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ICLEI Publications
ICLEI serves as an information clearinghouse on local sustainable development by producing annual newsletters, regional updates on activities, case studies, training guides and fact sheets.
We also provide a variety of policy and practice manuals on topics ranging from financing energy efficiency projects to solid waste management to the use of municipal economic instruments to increase environmental performance. Much of this information is available online.
ICLEI Case Studies
ICLEI Briefing Sheets
Briefing Sheets are a tool to share and disseminate information on specific themes and/or current processes. They provide key information to inform the public on subjects relating to ICLEI, ICLEI activities, environment, and local governance.

ICLEI Papers
An ICLEI Paper is an information and analytical tool to provide ideas, arguments, opinions, think pieces, interpretations, or evaluations. ICLEI representatives can publish their personal views, thoughts and opinion, without  necessarily reflecting the position of the organization.

ICLEI Global Reports
One of ICLEI's most important publications are the series of ICLEI Global Reports. See the latest Global Reports:
ICLEI Annual Reports
ICLEI has produced biennial and triennial reports that summarize our growing advocacy and program work over the years. These reports are available in hardcopy upon request and in electronic format below.
New Publications