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International Local Government Greenhouse Gas Emissions Analysis Protocol (IEAP)
Building on 17 years of experience through the CCP Campaign, ICLEI has developed the first version of the International Local Government GHG Emissions Analysis Protocol (IEAP) that follows principles of the GHG Protocol.

The IEAP consists of the general principles and philosophy that any local government, regardless of location, should adhere to when inventorying GHGs from its government operations and community as a whole.

The emission sources that should be included in a GHG inventory and the methods used to quantify theses sources are generally consistent between local governments, but are unique when compared with any other type of entity.

The International Protocol is informed by developments such as:
  • IPCC 2006 methodological changes;
  • GHG Protocol by WRI / WBCSD;
  • ISO 14064 Greenhouse Gases series of standards;
  • GRI Public Sector Agency Supplement.

Since November 2007 key peer organizations around the world - including United Nations Environment Program, World Resources Institute, International Energy Agency, California Climate Action Registry, Federation of Canadian Municipalities and Center for Neighborhood Technologies – have reviewed the International Protocol. It has also been reviewed by ICLEI member cities and stakeholders during a public comment period.

A US national supplement of the IEAP, Local Government Operations Protocol (LGOP) was further developed as a collaborative effort of The California Air Resources Board, The California Climate Action Registry, The Climate Registry and ICLEI. The Climate Registry adopted LGOP in 2009 for use by local government reporters, including from Canada and Mexico with country-appropriate supplements.

The Protocol and additional country supplements are available here:

About the Expert Workshop on Reporting of Local GHG Emissions Inventories held in Bonn on 28 November 2010.