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CCP Reports

Note: The production of the materials on this website was funded by the Australian Government for use by local governments which were part of the Cities for Climate Protection Australia Milestone Support Program that ended on 30 June 2009. Please note that ICLEI Oceania Program and Project support, the Greenhouse Gas Application (GGA) and milestone recognition is no longer available.

National Measures Evaluation Reports

Each year ICLEI Oceania invited all CCP council participants that have completed Milestone 3 to report on their technical, financial and greenhouse gas emission savings data.

2008 [PDF, 1.7MB] Read more about the report.

2007 [PDF, 1.4MB]

2006 [PDF, 1.3MB]

2005 [PDF, 420KB]

2004 [PDF, 528KB]

Program Reports

Each financial year, ICLEI Oceania examines CCP Australia council participation and progress. Council, regional, state and national activities and achievements are assessed with an eye to recognising successes and drawing implications for future delivery of the CCP program.

2006 [PDF, 1.3MB]

2005 [PDF, 5.3MB]

2004 [PDF, 1.4MB]

2002 - 2003 [PDF, 232KB]

2001 - 2002 [PDF, 1.9MB]

2000 - 2001 [PDF, 728KB]

1999 - 2000 [PDF, 688KB]

1998 - 1999 [PDF, 436KB]

Victorian Measures Report

The CCP Victoria Measures Evaluation Report provides evidence and analysis of the outstanding contribution by local governments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their own operations and the local communities they serve.

The Victorian State Government, through the Victorian Greenhouse Strategy, supports the CCP Victoria program in undertaking the CCP Victorian Measures Evaluation Report.

2005 [PDF, 3.4MB]

Further Reports

South Australian Local Greenhouse Action Report

Project Adelaide was undertaken in 2004–05 as a partnership between ICLEI Oceania, the City of Adelaide, Capital City Committee Adelaide and the South Australian Office of Sustainability to develop and implement Project Adelaide.

Full Report [PDF, 590KB]

ICLEI Biodiesel Research Project

In 2006/07, ICLEI Oceania received funding from the Victorian Government, Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) to undertake a one-year research project investigating current activities of the biodiesel industry and its interaction with local government, with specific attention given to council fleet.

Full Report 2007 [PDF, 1.5MB]
Executive Summary [PDF, 174KB]

Local Government: Accelerating the uptake of sustainable building

Local government has significant influence over the building sector through planning approvals, rates and the construction and management of community facilities. This report outlines the policy instruments that have been deployed by local government to initiate and accelerate the adoption of sustainable building design, technologies and practices.

Full Report [PDF, 276KB]

Greenhouse Gas Technology Deployment & Victorian Local Government Research Paper

The objective of this report as set by ICLEI Oceania was to research the barriers and opportunities for the uptake of greenhouse gas abating technologies across the community, and specifically what role local governments can play in facilitating technology uptake.

Full Report [PDF, 548KB]

Cities for Climate Protection® (CCP®) Australia: implementing greenhouse action through a collaboration between the Australian Government and ICLEI Oceania. The CCP® Australia Program is funded by the Australian Government.
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