ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Our Partners
The Cities for Climate Protection Campaign in Indonesia was launched in November 2001 in Java Island. Institutional partners include the National Cities League (APEKSI) and Gadjah Mada University's Center for Transportation Studies (PUSTRAL).

Gadjah Mada University's Center for Transportation and Logistics Studies (PUSTRAL) is a transport research center with a mission to develop transportation sciences and practices in Indonesia through a multi-disciplinary approach. PUSTRAL gives technical assistance to the CCP-Indonesian Project Office in quantifying and forecasting greenhouse gas emissions and in identifying and developing GHG emissions reduction measures. Core staff includes Dr. Danang Parikesit directs the center. Dr. Parikesit is an expert on Transport Planning and Engineering and serves as a lecturer at the university. Supporting him is Ms. Vita Djarwoningrum who serves as a researcher at the center and has been involved in developing greenhouse has emissions proposals.

The Thailand Environment Institute (TEI) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization focusing on environmental issues and the conservation of natural resources in Thailand. It advocates for a participatory approach to shared environmental responsibility by working closely with the private sector, government, local communities, academe and other civil society partners. TEI’s Grassroots Action Program managed the ICLEI-Cities for Climate Protection Campaign in Thailand (2002-2005) with direction from the ICLEI Southeast Asia Secretariat.