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ICLEI representatives from Baguio City, Philippines, and Entebbe, Uganda, at the Task Force Meeting in Paris

Demonstrate leadership: sign-up to the Istanbul Water Consensus

Barcelona, Entebbe, Thessaloniki, Noukachott, Guayaquil – the list of cities eager to show commitment to more sustainable water management has been growing steadily.

As part of the local government process surrounding the Fifth World Water Forum, Istanbul’s Mayor Kadir Topbaş has initiated the Istanbul Water Consensus at the beginning of 2008. After several months of wide consultation, the final draft of the Consensus was recently agreed by an international Task Force of local and regional authority officials. The Consensus is now ready for the global campaign encouraging cities, towns and regions across the world to sign up for its commitments (see form for signing on ICLEI’s website).

Formal endorsement of the Urban Water Consensus will also be sought at the General Assembly held during the Local and Regional Authorities Days at the Fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul on 18 and 19 March 2009.

The Istanbul Water Consensus asks signatory cities and regions to commit to water management strategies for achieving the Millennium Development Goals and addressing the local impacts of climate change, rapid urbanisation, and other global pressures.

For assisting signatories to the Consensus, ICLEI has joined forces with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG) and the World Water Council to develop a capacity-building programme. ICLEI members interested in participating in this programme are asked to join the group of signatories and help shape the follow-up activities by expressing their interests, needs and contributing with their expertise.

On-line registration for officials from local and regional authorities can be made at: http://localauthorities.worldwaterforum5.org. Login details are available through ICLEI and its partners mentioned above. Contact: iclei@water.org