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SEED Awards 2009 is open for submissions

Winners of the 2009 SEED Awards for entrepreneurship in sustainable development receive a tailored package of support services, worth up to $40,000, to help their venture to become established and to increase their impact. This includes access to relevant expertise and technical assistance, meeting new partners and building networks, developing business plans and identifying sources of finance.

Check our detailed eligibility criteria and apply now if:

  • you are finding new ways of simultaneously improving incomes and   strengthening livelihoods; tackling poverty and marginalisation; and managing and conserving natural resources and ecosystems; and
  • you are developing a new concept that brings together people and organizations from different backgrounds to work in partnership, and partners are pooling their commitment and human, financial, and natural resources; and
  • your project or enterprise is in the early stages of development and keen to increase its impacts; and
  • your project or enterprise is locally-led, with strong community engagement, and takes place in a country or countries with a developing economy or economy in transition; and
  • your project or enterprise displays entrepreneurship in its broadest sense and shows a proven concept that has market potential; it must demonstrate financial sustainability in the long term and should have a draft business plan
Detailed eligibility criteria are available at www.seedinit.org. Before submitting your application, you will be asked to complete an eligibility checklist.
The deadline for applications is 16 March 2009. Application forms can be filled in online or downloaded from the SEED Initiative website at www.seedinit.org.
The SEED Initiative was founded by IUCN, UNDP and UNEP to deliver concrete progress towards the internationally-agreed, aspirational goals in the UN’s Millennium Declaration and the commitments made at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002.

For information about the SEED Awards:

Tel: +49 30 89 00068 99

For any other queries about the SEED Initiative:
Tel: +44 1420 488 544