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ICLEI e-News | issue 18, February 2009

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A word from the Secretary General

Dear Members and Partners,

Good news: Renowned experts have confirmed that they will join our World Congress in Edmonton, speak to you about urban management under uncertain conditions of the future, and discuss possible solutions.

ICLEI Founder, Jeb Brugmann, will present key facts and messages from his book “Welcome to the Urban Revolution”, which will have just been published, and I hope we can persuade him to be available for a book-signing hour. The Co-Creator of the concept of the Ecological Footprint and Executive Director of the Global Footprint Network, Mathis Wackernagel, will provoke us by explaining that we must face “Peak Everything”. The banker Pavan Sukhdev from the UNEP Finance Initiative will explain why we must act faster and more radically. The head of UN Environment Programme’s communications department, Satinder Bindra, will invite ICLEI to partner on UNEP’s Carbon-Neutral Network.  I could go on… The Edmonton Congress “Connecting Leaders” will keep its promise and connect municipal leaders to leaders from the UN, NGOs, academia and business. Registration is open at www.iclei.org/worldcongress2009.

Other developments: On 30 March we will celebrate the opening of our new international program center in Bonn, Germany in the presence of our President David Cadman. The ICLEI Bonn Center, located only a few minutes away from the United Nations Climate Secretariat, houses the new Cities Climate Center and the Secretariat of the World Mayors Council on Climate Change.  The Bonn Center also hosts the Secretariat of the Global Alliance for EcoMobility.

The World Secretariat’s host agreement with the City of Toronto, Canada will expire at the end of this year, as was agreed between ICLEI and the City last year. We have many reasons to be grateful for Toronto’s generous hosting of ICLEI’s headquarters for 18 years. I am not aware of any other city that has supported an organization over such a long period. While our executive Committee has a procedure for securing a new hosting arrangement, our Canada Office and an international team will stay in Toronto.

The local media in Toronto have reflected a controversial Council debate about the city’s support to ICLEI, C40 and a climate research project – a reminder that even in progressive cities it cannot be taken for granted that in periods of financial constraint all Councilors are prepared to support climate change actions and actors.

I wish you all the support you deserve for your action towards sustainability

Signature Mr. Otto-Zimmermann

Konrad Otto-Zimmermann

General News
Mathis Wackernagel

Ecological Footprint’s Co-Creator to give keynote at World Congress
February 27, 2009
Dr. Mathis Wackernagel the Executive Director of the Global Footprint Network will give a keynote at the upcoming ICLEI World Congress from 14 - 18 June 2009. Register today for the event [more]

Demonstrate leadership: sign-up to the Istanbul Water Consensus
February 26, 2009
Barcelona, Entebbe, Thessaloniki, Noukachott, Guayaquil – the list of cities committed to more sustainable water management grows. The declaration will be launched at the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul in March 2009. [more]

World Secretariat powered by Sustainable Energy
February 26, 2009
ICLEI World Secretariat and ICLEI Canada are pleased to announce their switch to green electricity, supplied by Bullfrog Power. [more]

First EcoMobility project launched in Edmonton
February 17, 2009
Edmonton, the host of the ICLEI World Congress (June 14 to 18 2009) will launch "Local Motion", a month long demonstration project to promote EcoMobility, or the use of travel options which are healthy, accessible and good for the environment. [more]

SEED Awards 2009 is open for submissions
February 10, 2009
The SEED Initiative identifies, profiles and supports promising, locally-led start-up enterprises. Projects about the urban environment are of high interest in these awards. Deadline: 16 March 2009. [more]

ICLEI opens its International Program Center in Bonn, Germany
February 10, 2009
The ICLEI International Program Center, also know as ICLEI Bonn Center, will act as a branch office of the ICLEI World Secretariat which sits in the city of Toronto, Canada. From the Bonn Center, ICLEI will coordinate its programs on Climate Protection, EcoMobility and Business Relations. [more]

Member News
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Upcoming Events

Final call to register for World Water Forum in Istanbul, 16 to 22 March 2009
February 27, 2009
A special program dedicated to Mayors and other high-level representatives of local and regional authorities will be offered at the Fifth World Water Forum in Istanbul providing a forum to put local perspectives on current water issues into focus. [more]
ICLEI World Congress

ICLEI World Congress, 14 to 18 June 2009
February 12, 2009
Register now! Join mayors, local governments, and colleagues, as more than 800 delegates worldwide come together in Edmonton, Canada. [more]

Local Renewables Freiburg 2009 27-29 April, City of Freiburg, Germany
February 04, 2009
Sustainable energy in the urban environment is the focus of this exciting event, starting a multi-year series [more]
EcoProcura 2009

EcoProcura 2009 Conference in Reykjavik
February 01, 2009
The 7th EcoProcura conference will present how sustainable procurement can support climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies without compromising on social and economic aspects. [more]

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