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ICLEI e-News | issue 17, January 2009 | Member News

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East Asia

20MW Wind Farm Construction Begins in Wajima City
January 28, 2009
The Hokkaido Green Fund (HGF), a nonprofit organization which is installing community wind power throughout Japan, announced that a new wind farm is now being installed in Wajima City, Ishikawa Prefecture. [more]


City of Espoo (Finland) joins Agenda+
January 30, 2009
The program agenda+ brings together local governments across Europe which have advanced experience in local sustainability policies and processes to go beyond Local Agenda 21. [more]

New European project on regional bio-energy partnerships
January 16, 2009
ICLEI Europe is partner in the new bio- project MAKE-IT-BE working with other bio-energy experts and cities. [more]

Latin America & Carribean
Sustainable Timber

Government of São Paulo launches protocol on certified timber
February 03, 2009
In February, the Government of the State of São Paulo will disclose a protocol which will recommend the use of certified timber in construction.  [more]

Results of Sustainable Procurement Policy in Brazil
January 25, 2009
A sustainable procurement policy, adopted over one year ago by the Brazilian State of Minas Gerais, shows savings of US$ 60 millions and change among suppliers. [more]

North America
Marc A. Weiss

Creating Climate Prosperity
February 03, 2009
A handful of local governments are supplementing their climate protection plans with regional "climate prosperity" strategies. Two experts explain the power of this new paradigm. Part 1 in a series [more]

Climate Prosperity in Action
February 03, 2009
Inspired by key examples of climate prosperity at work—including Portland, Oregon—local government leaders across the country are collaborating on regional climate prosperity strategies. Part 2 in a series. [more]

New York City Wins the 2009 Sustainable Transport Award
January 29, 2009
New York recently became the first U.S. city to win an annual international Sustainable Transport Award. The city was honored for expanding the public transit system, increasing bicycle lanes and pedestrian amenities, and recycling asphalt used to repair streets. [more]


Australian local governments deliver record greenhouse gas reduction
January 06, 2009
As well as cutting carbon emissions by 4.7 million tonnes, the 3000 actions reported by 184 participating councils in 2007/08 saved money; reduced water use, air pollution and traffic congestion; and, improved community health and fitness. [more]

South Asia

Workshop on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in Thane (India)
February 01, 2009
The workshop was supported by the British High Commission under the City Level Carbon Emissions Reduction project. [more]