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EcoProcura 2009
The EcoProcura conference series started in 1998 and is jointly organised by ICLEI International Training Center and the Sustainable Procurement unit of ICLEI European Secretariat

EcoProcura 2009 Conference in Reykjavik

The 7th EcoProcura conference will present how sustainable procurement can support climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies without compromising on social and economic aspects. The City of Reykjavik, Iceland, will offer a bridge for North American and European participants in order to encourage transatlantic exchange and cooperation.


The program will use appealing interactive methodologies to best exchange ideas, experiences, concepts and opinions such as the EcoProcura Market Lounge. We encourage you to visit the conference website for an overview of the programme and to explore your contribution possibilities. www.iclei.org/ecoprocura2009