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Executive Committee Elections Begin 1 February2009

The eighth ICLEI Executive Committee Elections begin February 1, 2009. The Executive Committee (ExCom) is elected every three years by Full Members and has 21 seats for elected local government representatives from all continents. 

Secure online voting

During this election, the ICLEI World Secretariat is introducing secure online voting available at www.iclei.org/memberlogin. If you are eligible to vote, look for the voting materials in your email inbox by February 1, 2009. 

Other voting methods

Although ICLEI Members may continue to vote via email, facsimile, and postal mail, online voting is the preferred method of voting for this ExCom election.  ICLEI hopes that the online voting platform will improve voting turnout and will make voting more economic and time efficient for its Members. 


We wish all candidates the best of luck and make sure to cast your vote in the eighth ICLEI Executive Committee Elections.  Make sure to cast your vote before the deadline of March 31, 2009. 

More information

Contact Salem Jones, ICLEI Global Administrator at salem.jones@iclei.org