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The Istanbul Water Consensus for Local and Regional Authorities

What is the Istanbul Water Consensus?

The Istanbul Water Consensus, initiated by Istanbul’s Mayor Kadir Topbaş, is a local and regional government declaration that was endorsed on 19th March 2009 during the Local and Regional Authorities' Days of the 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul. The Consensus asks signatory cities to commit to developing water management strategies suitable
  • to work towards the Millennium Development Goals;
  • to address urbanisation, climate change and other global pressures at local level.

The full text of the Consensus can be downloaded from here:
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How to sign?

The Consensus can only be signed by the Mayor or other elected officials of a local or regional government. The actual signature can be provided by completing the following form that is available in three languages:

The completed form needs to be mailed, faxed or emailed to the following address:
World Water Council               
Att. of Ms Céline Dubreuil
Espace Gaymard
2-4 Place d’Arvieux
13002 Marseille
Email: c.dubreuil@worldwatercouncil.org
Fax: +

Full list of signatory cities

Why sign the Istanbul Water Consensus?

By signing the Consensus, ICLEI members can demonstrate leadership in innovative strategies and actions for sustainable water management.
In their meeting in December 2008, ICLEI’s Executive Committee expressed its support for mobilising ICLEI members to sign up to the Consensus. This is, among others, based on the following rationale:
  • Rapid urbanisation and climate change pose both short and long-term challenges to sustainable water supply, pollution prevention, safety from water-related disasters, preservation of biodiversity, and other local water management responsibilities that have been addressed in recent by multiple ICLEI programmes.
  • The Istanbul Water Consensus calls on cities and regions to make commitments that mirror ICLEI’s Climate-Resilient Cities Campaign (USA); Cities for Climate Protection Adaptation Initiative (Australia); and Building Resilient Indonesian Cities Project (Oceania)
  • A number of ICLEI member cities have already developed climate adaptation plans that are consistent with the Istanbul Water Consensus.