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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | Special Climate Edition, issue 16, December 2008

Executive Secretary of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Changes addresses 300 local governments representatives in Poland

Ivo de Boer, the head of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change spoke at the Local Governments Climate Sessions (LGCS) in Poznan, Poland.

Support towards Local Governments

Mr de Boer expressed his support to local governments who are advocating for the recognition of the role of cities in addressing climate change. Since 2007, cities have mirrored the UN Climate Roadmap in a process called the “Local Government Climate Roadmap”. They are advocating for a comprehensive post-2012 climate agreement, which will determine the next phase of what is currently the Kyoto Protocol. 

A strong track record

Cities and local governments worldwide have a strong track record of voluntary local climate action. Nations must recognise and build upon these local contributions via strategic partnerships on climate with their local governments. Such national-local climate partnerships should include empowerment, capacity, resources and easier access to funding as well as enabling regulations and framework conditions for the local level. 

"National governments can get substantial support in reaching their GHG reduction targets if they empower municipalities to act on climate. They are well advised to recognise local action in their national climate plans", said ICLEI Secretary General Konrad Otto-Zimmermann.

Local governments are committed to contribute their part: Mayors around the world are signing the World Mayors and Local Government Climate Agreement, committing themselves to a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 60% from 1990 levels and by 80% from 1990 levels in industrialized countries.

Video excerpt from his speech