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"Fundamental Reboot" needed for world economy and cities - World Economic Forum

“The world needs to examine the basic operating systems that drive its economies, markets and societies and aim for a ‘fundamental reboot’ to establish a fresh platform based on renewed confidence and trust, and on sustainability, responsibility and ethical principles.” That was the over-arching message that 700 of the world’s top thought leaders from business, government, academia and civil society delivered at the end of the inaugural Summit on the Global Agenda, convened by the World Economic Forum in partnership with the Government of Dubai.

ICLEI Secretary General Mr. Konrad Otto-Zimmermann was appointed to serve on the Global Agenda Council on Urban Management. His presence brought to the table the experience that ICLEI and its Members have gained over the last 18 years of working on urban sustainability.

At the meeting in Dubai, Mr. Otto-Zimmermann pointed out that cities can only be sustainable under the various scenarios of resource depletion (oil, water, food, raw materials) and in facing climate change, when they are resource efficient. This requires urban infrastructures such as buildings, transports and energy supply to be planned and designed in an integrated fashion. Because infrastructure are operated by municipality but also by businesses, local governments need to develop new models of governance, management and operations of these urban systems.

Conclusions from this work-in-process will be presented to ICLEI Members in Edmonton at the ICLEI World Congress from 14 to 18 June 2009. It will provide opportunities for information and debates on the consequences of the current financial and ecological crises for the various types of local governments. 

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