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The OECD is an international organization of thirty countries that accept the principles of representative democracy and free-market economy.

ICLEI President addresses OECD conference on cities and climate change

A major international conference on "Competitive Cities and Climate Change″ organised by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) concluded in Milan in October 2008. It underlined the central and critical role to be played by cities in successfully addressing the major global challenge of climate change.

How national support can catalyse local action

The Milan Conference discussed how national support could catalyze local action through improved protocols, funding, and capacity building for local governments. The Conference brought together representatives from influential city networks  – ICLEI, UCLG, Clinton Climate Initiative, the C40 – along with organisations such as the European Union and UN-HABITAT, among others.

ICLEI President address participants

"Local Governments who address climate get it. They look beyond the daily agenda and prepare to stay competitive and attractive tomorrow." said David Cadman, ICLEI President. He represented ICLEI's network of over 1000 cities who have made a commitment to sustainable development. He explained the power of local initiatives embedded in the "Cities for Climate Protection" Campaign launched by ICLEI fifteen years ago.

Need for a green economy

The participants of the 2nd OECD Roundtable on Urban Strategy of Mayors and Ministers agreed for the need for resilient urban economies that foster opportunities for the “green economy.” Mayors and Ministers outlined how market-based systems could save energy, reduce greenhouse gases, and provide “green jobs.” The participants invited governments to build the capacities of local, regional and national stakeholders to more effectively respond to climate change.