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Team and Project - Oceania

Switch IT Over: Councils Switching to Green Office Equipment

Through the Cities for Climate Protection Program, councils are increasingly making the commitment to lower their carbon emissions through Green IT initiatives. However many councils have struggled to find ways to implement their IT carbon reduction goals. ICLEI Oceania has developed the Switch IT Over Project to provide councils with a clear step-by-step process and tailored resources to transform their Green IT goals and aspirations into reality. website

ICLEI Oceania will be working closely with 5 councils throughout 2008/09 to implement office and IT equipment switch overs:

  • Mackay Regional Council, Queensland
  • Frankston City Council, Victoria
  • City of Whitehorse Council, Victoria
  • Mildura Rural City Council, Victoria
  • Moorabool Shire Council, Victoria

Project councils will be applying the following key principles to reduce their energy consumption and improve the sustainability of their IT sector:

  • Purchase products that have lower power consumption in all operating modes
  • Enable power management features such as ENERGY STAR
  • Implement strategies to encourage staff to switch off equipment
  • Consolidate imaging equipment into fewer units
  • Choose equipment that meets, rather than exceeds user needs
  • Implement server room efficiencies
  • Practice sustainable end-of-life asset retirement

For more information about the ICLEI Oceania Switch IT Over Project visit the website, contact Martin Brennan, Deputy CEO, ICLEI Oceania, on +61 3 9660 2299 or martin.brennan@iclei.org.