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IDRC conference 2008
International Disaster and Risk Conference Davos 2008. Irmgard Schwätzer, David Kaye, Magnus Ovilius (from left to right).

Conference logo

ICLEI joined IDRC Davos 2008

ICLEI joined the International Disaster and Risk Conference in Davos, Switzerland, with its theme “Public-private partnership – Key for integral risk management and climate change adaptation”.

IDRC Davos 2008: A gathering of experts in risk management

The IDRC conference addressed global problems and attracted participants from all over the globe. The conference was a gathering of leading experts from fields such as the natural, engineering and social sciences, (local) government, the private sector, civil society, international organizations, NGOs and other risk management professions.

Topics at the conference, among others:

  • How to analyze, assess and cope with disasters and risks in an integrated approach
  • Climate change mitigation and adaptation. How better link with disaster risk management initiatives
  • Critical infrastructure protection

ICLEI's contribution

ICLEI stressed the presence of a complex system of infrastructure systems within a city. Responsibilities for planning and investment, building permission, operation and maintenance are differentiated. Different public and private bodies play a role. Executive and Policy Assistant Ruud Schuthof who represented the Secretary General suggested that there might be a need for urban infrastructure agencies with joint public-private governance in charge of risk assessment, planning and coordinating the operations of complex, integrated urban infrastructures.

About IDRC

IDRC is an institution whose particular aim is to periodically organize the International Disaster and Risk Conference with global attendance. IDRC has its headquarters in Davos, Switzerland and runs under the patronage and in close cooperation with UN-ISDR, UNESCO, UNEP and Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. With its activities, IDRC wants to contribute to build stronger ties between risk management communities and sectors, in particular with the private sector, to devise approaches to move towards a more truly integrated way of thinking about disaster reduction and risk management, to speed up the knowledge transfer from science to practice and to strengthen the know-how sharing between the different stakeholders.

Event Website

Please find more information on the conference on www.idrc.info.