ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Sustainability Management Projects
ICLEI's ecoBUDGET® program was developed to implement municipal environmental budgeting worldwide. ecoBUDGET works along the lines of local financial budgeting, adopting the idea of an "annual budget" as a spending framework with the budget approved by the political decision-making body. The ecoBUDGET cycle includes a periodic and systematic process of creating a budget for natural resources and environmental quality, which is to be approved by council and implemented during the budget period. The results and achievements are fed back to political decision makers through a report and budget balance to implement targets and measures for the next budget period. Through the use of indicators, ecoBUDGET regularly informs elected officials and staff of how their decisions impact our natural resources capital.

ecoBUDGET is now being translated worldwide after a successful pilot project in Europe. Local governments have been working with our offices in Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania to adapt the instrument to their home countries.

Triple Bottom Line
In Australia, ICLEI began the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) best practices in local government and developed a range of support services to build local capacity in TBL reporting, planning and decision making. ICLEI has worked with local governments in Australia to adapt a sustainability assessment tool to meet their needs and has delivered training to local governments on TBL decision-making tools.

More recently, TBL has expanded to Canada where Hamilton City Council (Canada) and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (Green Municipal Funds) has funded a program for ICLEI-Canada and Australia staff to develop a web-based TBL Evaluation tool to be used for the city's GRIDS Growth Management Plan process. Using TBL, the growth options were evaluated and assessed to ensure that the city's sustainability principles are applied in the Growth Management Plan process.

Sustainability Inventory
The Sustainability Inventory is an innovative tool currently piloted in the United States to assist municipalities in developing policies and promoting practices that maintain the integrity of natural resources over the long term, while enhancing economic vitality and social well being within a community.

Melbourne Principles
Elected officials lack practical mechanisms to ensure that their long-term planning aligns with generally agreed sustainability approaches. The Melbourne Principles for Sustainable Cities (PDF format) can provide the foundation for a useful mechanism to assist elected local government officials in understanding the implications of decisions taken at the council level at a broad strategic level.