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Training Material, Tools, Publications by ICLEI
Information and guidance materials for local governments on Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM)

As part of the LoGo Water project (2005-2008), the following set of materials has been produced to assist local governments in the Southern African Development Community (SADC) region with active participation in IWRM:

  • Part 1: Reaping the Benefits - How Local Governments Gain from IWRM
  • Part 2: Understanding the Context - The Role of Local Government in IWRM
  • Part 3: Engaging in IWRM - Practical Steps and Tools for Local Governments
  • Part 4: Making Water Work for Local Governments - Ten Top Tips for Integration in Water Management
  • Poster: Local Government in the Water Cycle Poster
  • Glossary

The materials are available in English, French and Portuguese and can be downloaded free of charge by clicking here.

Implementation Guides
Training Material, Tools, Publications by partner organisations
Water Management Tools

    • The Global Water Partnership's Toolbox guides IWRM implementation. Its earlier versions referred to ICLEI's Water Campaign Manual in providing an overview of local governments' role in IWRM (B1.10).
    • The Global Water Tool is a tool to measure a company‚Äôs water usage and to plan for reduction. Download the tool in Excel format (5Mb)
    Key Declarations and Policy Documents
    • Chapter 18, Agenda 21 clearly points out: "Water is needed in every aspect of life." Chapter 18 brings specific attention to seven programme areas for water. Issues of water governance are crucial in all these programme areas to ensure adequate water quantity and quality for maintaining and improving ecosystem integrity and water related services.