ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Viable Local Economies
ICLEI's Viable Local Economies initiative aims to assist local governments draft Local Agendas for Sustainable Livelihood and Employment. Since its launch in Johannesburg in 2002, ICLEI, through the International Training Centre, has developed a course on Local Action Planning for Employment. Interested? Kindly contact your respective  ICLEI regional/country office or the International Training Centre.

For individual city requests, ICLEI responds to specialized consultancy services on this issue where planning is facilitated by ICLEI staff.

On the global scale, ICLEI directs this initiative towards engaging civil society groups, women groups and the private sector for a more focused participatory planning exercise around, for example, small-to-medium sized enterprise. As a least-explored dimension for local governments, ICLEI invites development partners to invest in this initiative.
Viable local economies are able to create employment and income for all parts of the local community. They promote diversity in the structure and size of local companies and thus are less vulnerable to political or economic change.