ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Building Sustainable Cities
The movement from Local Agenda 21 to Local Action 21 ushers local governments from general sustainable development planning to working with local stakeholders address inter-related challenges to poverty and sustainability. ICLEI seeks to build Sustainable Communities and Cities by enabling local governments achieve justice, security, resilience, viable economies, and healthy environments. The four initiatives are: (a) Resilient Communities and Cities, (b) Just and Peaceful Communities, (c) Viable Local Economies, and (d) Eco-efficient Cities.

Five years since the Johannesburg Summit in 2002, ICLEI has made progress in modules development, tools assessment, promotions, and research. These are undertaken by the World Secretariat, in coordination with the International Training Centre.

Keep the Local Agenda/Local Action 21 Campaign moving. ICLEI invites investments in research, events and policy and program dialogues for modules development and deployment (e.g., pilot projects, distance training) on the four initiatives to build sustainable communities and cities.


Removing local barriers to justice, security, resilience, viable economies, and healthy environments is key to achieving global sustainability.