ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Membership Benefits
ICLEI Membership provides access to a worldwide network of peers allowing its Members to benefit from, and contribute to, the success of others in the global community. Specific benefits of ICLEI membership vary from Member to Member, depending upon their needs and active participation in the Council.

A sustainable community is a livable, resilient community. It is one where people want to live and businesses want to establish roots. In fact, a growing number of local government leaders—from New York to Cape Town, from Rio de Janeiro, to Copenhagen or Delhi, from Tokyo to Melbourne,—see sustainability as an opportunity they cannot afford to ignore:
  • Preparing for local climate change impacts like floods and heat waves is critical to protecting the health and safety of community members.

  • Saving resources is necessary to save money in an era of tight municipal budgets.

  • Sustainability is an economic development strategy: a more livable community attracts more businesses and jobs; local clean energy and energy efficiency projects also create local jobs as they create a healthier environment.

  • Developing local energy sources offsets high energy costs and promotes local and national energy independence.

  • Ensuring local biodiversity or save water ensure a safe and healthy living enviroment for people.

  • Offering a diverse set of transport options decreases emmissions, and makes for a cleaner, less noisy and crowded enverinment for people to move around in.

It is the responsibility of a local government to address issues that may affect local health and safety, cost of living, and quality of life in the near future oas well as the long term.