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Membership FAQs
What are the benefits of membership?
ICLEI Membership provides access to a worldwide network of peers allowing its Members to benefit from, and contribute to, the success of others in the global community. Specific benefits of ICLEI membership vary from Member to Member, depending upon their needs and active participation in the Council.

For more information on the benefits associated with both full and associate membership please visit the benefits of membership page.

How does my municipality or organization become a Member?
If you would like to apply for Membership in ICLEI, please download a printable application form and fax or mail it to ICLEI. Once the application has been received, ICLEI staff will issue an invoice for yearly membership dues in the Council. Upon receipt of your payment, and subject to approval by the Global Executive Committee, ICLEI will consider your municipality or organization a member. At that time, a package with ICLEI's publications and a letter discussing how we can work in a mutually supportive manner, will be forwarded to you. Additionally, your name will be added to both our iNews and publications mailing list.

How does ICLEI calculate membership fees for municipalities and other local governments?
ICLEI's membership fees seek to reflect the differing financial realities of our Members, while also ensuring equality in our fee structure globally. They are based upon the Gross National Income per capita, as determined by the World Bank and the population of the local government. The payment of dues is made on an annual basis covering a 12 month membership period.

To determine the annual membership rate for your local government, local authority, or local government association, please refer to the rate tables outlined on the Members page.