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ICLEI e-News | issue 6, March 2007

Dear ICLEI Members and partners,

Welcome to the newest edition of the ICLEI e-News service. ICLEI e-News reports on ongoing ICLEI program and campaign activities, conferences and events, partnerships, and Member activities.

The homepage of the ICLEI website, at www.iclei.org, is updated on a weekly basis, highlighting our current activities, events both past and present, and initatives being undertaken by our Members. The e-News will be a quarterly summary of these features on the website.

ICLEI is eager to showcase its Members, so please send potential news items to media@iclei.org.

Local action moves the world.

The ‘Spirit of Sevilla’: a strong mandate for sustainable development
March 28, 2007
Over 1,500 delegates from European local governments have committed to act immediately and implement advanced policies for lo [Full]
New project RESPIRO is launched
March 28, 2007
In partnership with EUROCITIES, ICLEI has started working on a new project called RESPIRO – Responsibility in Procurement. [Full]
ICLEI South Asia started Energy Efficiency – CDM project in 14 cities of Madhya Pradesh
March 14, 2007
ICLEI South Asia has collaborated with the Environmental Planning Coordination Organization (EPCO), Bhopal, to start an energ [Full]
Delhi recognized as ICLEI’s 500th Member
February 21, 2007
At a special ceremony in Kyoto City, Japan, the Municipal Corporation of Delhi was formally recognized as the 500th Member of [Full]
Kyoto Conference on Climate Change a success
February 21, 2007
The Kyoto Conference on Climate Change, attended by over 350 participants from 108 local governments and organizations, was h [Full]
World Mayors Committed to Action on Climate Change
February 21, 2007
The World Mayors Council on Climate Change, an international alliance of committed local government leaders, has unanimously  [Full]
Renewables centre opens in Betim
February 21, 2007
On 14 February 2007, Betim (Brazil) opened the doors of its Reference Centre on Renewable Energies (CRER). CRER will provide [Full]
International Forum on Making Disaster Risk Reduction Work
February 14, 2007
ICLEI staff are attending the ProVention Consortium’s annual Forum in Dar es Salaam (Tanzania). [Full]
ICLEI Secretary General speaks at the 8th Global Civil Society Forum
February 07, 2007
ICLEI Secretary General Konrad Otto-Zimmermann attended the 8th Global Civil Society Forum from 3-4 February at th [Full]
International Disaster Risk Management experts meet with ICLEI Members
January 25, 2007
ICLEI Members and internationally-renowned experts gathered in Freiburg (Germany) to assess the usability of selected disaste [Full]
Appointment to the ICLEI Executive Committee
January 17, 2007
The Lord Mayor of Kolding, Denmark, Mr. Per Bødker Andersen, has joined the 2006-2009 ICLEI Executive Committee. Lord Mayor B [Full]

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LAB Releases it's second issue of the LAB NEWS newsletter
December 07, 2007
Click the "Full Text" link to download a PDF of the newsletter [Full]
Guidebook on planning for global warming soon to be available
April 25, 2007
Local government leaders will soon have a new tool to help them plan for the impacts of global warming, as peer review is abo [Full]