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European Fair Trade Fair in February 2008

ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement team will be organizing a one-day workshop on Fair Trade in public procurement in February 2008 in Lyon (France). The workshop will take place at the first European Fair Trade Fair (EFTF) taking place on 1-3 February 2008. Public authorities and fair trade experts from across Europe are being invited to attend the workshop, where they will also have the opportunity to visit the European Fair Trade Fair with more than 150 exhibitors that 8,000 are expected to visit. The sustainable procurement workshop will be split into three distinct sessions. The first will be about fair trade in catering and vending machines, and will provide good practice examples. The second will identify the major legal challenges with respect to catering, and propose ways to minimize legal concerns. The third session will showcase proposals on keeping the momentum, and on how to follow up with public authorities interested in tendering for fair trade products in the future. For information and registration please visit the EFTF website at www.european-fairtrade-fair.org. For more information on the workshop please contact Peter Defranceschi, at peter.defranceschi@iclei- europe.org .