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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008

For public comment and review: GHG Protocol

ICLEI is pleased to announce the release of the DRAFT International Local Government Greenhouse Gas Protocol for public review and comment.  The protocol consists of two component documents:
  • Emissions Analysis Protocol which provides guidance on inventorying and reporting greenhouse gas emissions, and
  • Measures Analysis Protocol which provides guidance on quantifying the emission reduction benefits of mitigation policies and projects. 
Both documents provide guidance for analysis at both the government operations and community-wide scales.
As local governments all over the world continue to rapidly join the climate protection movement, the need for common conventions and a standardized approach to quantifying greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions is more pressing than ever. ICLEI has been developing this guidance since the inception of its Cities for Climate Protection Campaign™ in 1993. ICLEI has recently formalized its GHG emissions analysis protocol development process and seeks to complete and publish the protocol through a peer review process drawing upon the expertise and experience of a network of peer organizations and its worldwide membership of over 800 local governments. ICLEI is striving for a the fullest possible alignment with established protocols to ensure the final Local Government Greenhouse Gas Protocol captures the most relevant expertise and sets an informed global standard for local governments executing climate protection work.  ICLEI requests your feedback and comments on the Draft Local Government Greenhouse Gas Protocol; feedback on the document’s clarity, accessibility, comprehensiveness, accuracy, methodologies and rigor are especially helpful.   In order to facilitate dialogue and transparency, ICLEI is employing a wiki site to gather public comment.  Feedback and participation will be extremely valuable. Comments can be submitted through Friday, February 15, 2008.  For further information, please go to www.iclei.org/usa.