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Three ICLEI Members could be Smart Grid Cities

ICLEI U.S.A. Members Arvada, Boulder and Fort Collins (State of  Colorado) could be selected to become a “Smart-Grid City”. A consortium of five companies led by Xcel Energy plans to spend $US 100 million to build a “smart-grid city” that will pilot emerging power technologies.  A smart power grid, essentially, would allow customers and utilities to determine peak usage hours, allowing for changes in consumption habits and reflected in rates. A smart grid would allow Xcel to charge higher rates during peak usage hours and lower usage rated during off-peak hours.  Consumers could lower their monthly bills by performing power-consuming tasks, such as running a dishwasher, during off-peak hours. Xcel plans to install in-home control devices in the “smart-grid city” to automate home energy use.  The city would be outfitted with infrastructure to support renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.  The city would also feature plug-in hybrid-electric vehicles that charge and discharge to the grid. Eight cities in the state of Colorado are being considered – three being ICLEI Members – based on criteria established for this pilot of what the pilot’s ideal city would be.  The ideal city would be geographically concentrated and feature of population of roughly 100,000 that would include environmentally conscious customers interested in trying green products and green services. For more information, please visit www.xcelenergy.com.