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Bali2007: 45 local governments to help determine the ‘Bali Roadmap’

45 local governments from all over the world will attend the second week of the United Nations Climate Change Conference to influence discussions on the ‘Bali Roadmap’.

The term ‘Bali Roadmap’ is being used by the UNFCCC and other climate leaders to explain the process of beginning negotiations on a new international climate change agreement.  While it is assumed that COP 13 will not result in a fully negotiated and agreed climate deal, delegates will need to agree on when the negotiations will conclude so that a new climate deal can be ratified before the end of 2012, when the Kyoto Protocol ends.

As an intergovernmental observer, local governments affiliated at COP 13 through ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability will have the opportunity to meet with delegates and discuss opportunities for more effective local government engagement.  Specific  opportunities include the two-day Local Government Climate Sessions, the ICLEI side event, and the high-level statement on the final day of COP 13.  

The action and leadership being taken by local governments around the world on climate change is recognized as leading the strongest potential for effective and swift reductions in greenhouse gas emissions - in essence, the ‘Bali Roadmap’ will need to travel through local governments to meet national targets.       

Please return to the website www.iclei.org/bali2007  for updates on the number of local governments planning to attend Bali2007, new information on the potential outcomes of COP 13, and how local governments plan to influence these negotiations.