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Bali2007: Key COP 13 document to be released this week

An IPCC Report being released on Saturday, 17 November will summarize the scientific consensus on what measures need to be taken to counteract climate change

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will release its Final Report this Saturday, summarizing scientific consensus on how rapidly the Earth is warming and the effects already observed, and the impact this could have for billions of people.  And of particular interest to local governments and local government leaders, the Report will identify measures that need to be taken to keep the planet’s temperature from rising to disastrous levels.

Local governments active on climate change, through ICLEI and the World Mayors Council on Climate Change (WMCCC)), have come out in support of the strong statement made by UNFCCC Executive Secretary Yvo de Boer at the opening of the weeklong IPCC Conference, in which he charged that, “Failing to recognize the urgency of this message (climate change) and act on it would be nothing less than criminally irresponsible.”

“Climate change is already having a tremendous impact on cities; impacts that will no doubt become more frequent and more severe,” said WMCCC Chair Dieckmann.  “Local governments are being responsible, having established greenhouse gas reduction targets and implemented measures to achieve those targets.  And local governments accept this important responsibility, given that more than 70 percent of all of the world’s energy is consumed in cities.”   

The IPCC Summary Report will be the focal point of discussions next month in Bali, where the world community will meet to negotiate a global greenhouse gas reduction plan that will succeed the Kyoto Protocol.  The World Mayors Council on Climate Change, and ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability, both representing local governments around the world, will attend these international negotiations to support the dialogue on effective policies addressing climate change, and to inspire other levels of government to action.  

Additionally, ICLEI will host the Local Government Climate Sessions during COP 13.  Held on 10-11 December, the Local Government Climate Sessions are a two-day event being organized by ICLEI to share with the international community how local governments are contributing to global efforts addressing climate change, and to demonstrate their willingness to contribute to the debate on a post-Kyoto global climate regime.  

Please return to the website www.iclei.org/bali2007 for updates on the number of local governments planning to attend Bali2007, new information on the potential outcomes of COP 13, and how local governments plan to influence these negotiations.