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ICLEI an organizer of the Latin American Seminar on Citizen Security

The Latin America and Caribbean Secretariat of ICLEI (ICLEI LACS) is co- organizing the Latin American Seminar on Citizen Security:  Instruments for Diagnosis and Decision Making.

Co-organized with FLASCO Latin American School for Social Sciences in Ecuador, the Seminar is being held in Quito (Ecuador) on 14-15 November 2007.

The objectives of the meeting are:
  • to visualize the challenges related to the design and application of instruments and tools for diagnosis and decision-making in order to prevent violence and conflicts in cities; and
  • to become acquainted with the use of information systems, victimization surveys, crime maps, new technologies for site referencing, video watching systems and crimes observatories that aid information and decision-making.
ICLEI’s engagement in this Seminar is to generate a debate on the various instruments to support policies aiming at the prevention of violence and conflicts in Latin American cities.  In this context, and joined by IDRC Canada, FLASCO- Ecuador, and the Municipality of Quito, a seminar is being organized to discuss instruments for diagnosis and strategies leading to the reduction of violence and insecurity.

The Seminar will develop on the basis of two modules:  Information Systems and Observatory Models.  These subjects were chosen based on the need of building capacities in various stakeholder groups and institutions to face the problems and challenges associated to citizen security and coexistence in the cities.  Renowned speakers will share their knowledge and experiences.

For more information, please contact lacs@iclei.org.