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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008

Two final conferences to conclude ecoBudget - ASIA

The project ecoBudget - ASIA, funded by the European Union programme ASIA URBS, has now come to its conclusion. Having commenced in January 2005 with two local governments from Europe - Bologna (Italy) and Växjö (Sweden), and two local governments from Asia - Guntur (India) and Tubigon/Bohol (Philippines) as partners -  under the supervision of three ICLEI Secretariats (Europe, South Asia and Southeast Asia - the project has been the first example of adopting the ecoBudget process beyond European borders.

The project has been successfully implemented over the past three years, with the Guntur Municipal Corporation and Tubigon Municipality meeting almost all the short term targets and progressing towards the long term ones. Moreover, the two local authorities have shown a high level commitment in adopting the system as a standard resource management instrument, in linking it with social policies, and involving an extraordinary deal of stakeholder participation.

The results will be celebrated and discussed in two subsequent final conferences, thanks to the enormous efforts of the consortium. The first one, “ecoBudget - An Innovative System for Natural Resource Management & Urban Governance” will be held on 11-12 October 2007 in the historical metropolis of Hyderabad (India), capital of Andhra Pradesh, the state where Guntur is situated. The conference is being organised by Guntur Municipal Corporation, in collaboration with ICLEI. Among the main guests, besides politicians and officers of the four cities, will be the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh; Ms. Daniela Tramacere, Counsellor, Economic Cooperation, EU; and Mr. Vikram Roy, Project Officer of European Union ASIA URBS Programme.

Three days later, on 14-15 October, in the marvelous island of Panglao (Philippines) the second conference will be held. The title is “ecoBudget: An Instrument to Good Local Resource Management and Governance”. Main guests will be the Governor of Bohol, Erico Aumentado; Ambassador Alistair MacDonald, Head of Delegation of European Commission to the Philippines; Mr. Josef Leitman; Lead Environment Specialist, World Bank Indonesia; and the Ambassadors of India, Sweden and Italy.

The chief objective of the conferences is to present the ecoBudget programme and the results from the four cities where it has been implemented. Through the case studies of Guntur and Bohol, where ecoBudget has been used, the conference will also discuss the system as an innovative, flexible and replicable system for resource management and urban governance for cities in Asia.

For information, please contact Mr. Andrea Burzacchini at andrea.burzacchini@iclei-europe.org.