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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008

Green Public Procurement

Two new publications on green public procurement in the construction sector are now available.The publications have been produced by the Office of Sustainability of the Municipality of Florence (Italy), which is leading a national Agenda 21 working group on Green Public Procurement (GPP) in the construction sector.The two new publications, currently available only in Italian, are on the implementation of green public procurement into daily procurement work, and the other on sustainable building regulations.They have been written by public sector technicians that are taking part in the ‘Rete delle Agende 21 della Toscana’ (agende21toscana.comune.fi.it), with the aim of making the implementation of green criteria easier for technicians.Further publications will follow for GPP in the construction sector that will focus on buildings systems and building materials.All of these publications amend the availability of green purchasing criteria in Italian language after the launch of the Italian Procura* Manual on cost-effective sustainable public procurement in April 2007. Visit www.procuraplus.org to download a free copy of the Procura* Manual.For more information about these publications, and on how to obtain copies, please contact Arch. Riccardo Pozzi at r.pozzi@comune.fi.it.  For more information on Green Public Procurement, please contact ICLEI’s Sustainable Procurement Project Officer, Philipp Tepper, at philipp.tepper@iclei-europe.org.