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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008

Technical guidance to the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment now available

The European Commission has recently published the long announced Guidance for Local Governments on Integrated Environmental Management. The Guidance document on Integrated Environmental Management Plans (IEMP) is following the Commission's commitment within the Thematic Strategy on the Urban Environment adopted on 11 January 2006. ICLEI had intensely supported the Commission in both developing the Thematic Strategy and the Guidance. This Guidance is not legally-binding but represents a synthesis of the information and experience available to the Commission. It is intended as a summary of the current state of the art with respect to best practice on integrated environmental management which recognizes the diversity between conurbations across the EU. They should be seen more as a procedural aid and a summary of the key elements and good practice that could be considered when developing Integrated Environmental Management Plans at local levels. The now presented approach to Integrated Environmental Management draws upon the system of Integrated Management and implementation experiences of the project Managing Urban Europe 25 (MUE-25) with ICLEI together with the Union of Baltic Cities building as back-bone and a number of ICLEI Members acting as pilots of an advanced and integrated management for local sustainability and implementation of the Aalborg Commitments. The guidance is completed by the Aalborg Commitments Implementation Guide recently presented by ICLEI (visit: localsustainability.eu) and the training material of MUE-25 to be published in March 2008 (visit: www.mue25.net). The Technical Guidance can be downloaded at: <http://ec.europa.eu/environment/urban/home_en.htm>.  Requests in relation to this Guidance should be sent by email to: env- iemp@ec.europa.eu. For additional information, please contact Mr. Holger Robrecht at holger.robrecht@iclei-europe.org. Image author and license information found here.