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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008

Report of symposium ‘Water for Local Needs’ now available

Whereas the political will for improving water resources management in Southern Africa is visible at all levels, the necessary conditions for making it happen are still largely lacking.

This applies particularly to local governments that are still finding it hard to properly grasp and perform their own responsibilities in the sector. More clarity is therefore needed about their specific roles, so that they can embark on building the capacity of their staff and their institution as a whole in a targeted way. To achieve this, awareness-raising and training will be instrumental in assisting local government officials to better understand the linkages between their services and the water cycle and to shift their policies and practices towards increased sustainability.

These were some of the key outcomes of the symposium “Water for Local Needs - the Contribution of Local Governments to Integrated Water Resource Management” that took place in Benoni  (South Africa) on 9 and 10 July 2007 and can be found reflected in the report now available on the project’s websitehttp://www.iclei-europe.org/logowater%3E.. The event was part of the LoGo Water project that is financed by the European Commission and coordinated by the ICLEI European Secretariat. The same project will also produce an ‘IWRM Package for Local Governments’ that will be available for download and in hard copy from end of 2007 on. For more information, please send an email to logowater@iclei.org.