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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008

PEPS Mexico Program has reduced 15,467 tons of eCO2 emissions

The PEPS Mexico Program, in its third year of operation, has engaged 40 cities across the country in energy efficiency activities.

The cities in the Program committed to passing municipal energy efficiency procurement policies, and to purchasing energy-efficient products.  Whenever possible, PEPS programs coordinated purchasing guidelines with existing energy efficiency labels.

The goals of the PEPS Program were to:
  • help local governments achieve direct energy and cost savings with societal benefits (pollution prevention, reduced pressure on energy supply systems); and to
  • mobilize public buying power and leaderships to move the market toward energy-efficient products and services.

Specifically, PEPS recommended the procurement of streetlights, buildings lighting systems and air conditioning systems with the Sello FIDE label.  For office equipment, PEPS recommended the use of the Energy Star label, and for motors, the recommended label was NEMA Premium.

The main results from energy efficient procurements have been impressive. By the year 2007, the following results have been achieved:
  • Value of procurements - $US 21,389,818
  • Annual energy savings  - 20, 236,521 kilowatt hours
  • Annual fuels savings - 668,689 litres
  • Annual savings - $US 3,473,686
  • GHG emissions reductions - 15,467 tons of eCO2
The PEPS Program is implemented in Mexico by ICLEI, in collaboration with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) of the Department of Energy of the U.S.A.  PEPS is a collaboration of LBNL, ICLEI, the Alliance to Save Energy and IIEC, formerly the International Institute for Energy Conservation.  PEPS Mexico was funded primarily by the U.S. Agency for International Development (US AID), with additional financial support from the International Copper Association (ICA).  Furthermore, PEPS has the support of the National Energy Conservation Agency (CONAE).For more information on the PEPS Program in Mexico, please contact the Director of ICLEI’s Mexico Office, Mr. Edgar Villaseñor Franco, at edgar.villasenor@iclei.org, or the website at www.pepsonline.org.