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ICLEI e-News | issue 11, December 2007 - January 2008 | Member News

To read about what ICLEI's Members are doing in each region, please click on the links below:

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Entebbe host of the Nile Basin Initiative
January 02, 2008
Entebbe (Uganda) is the host of the Nile Basin Initiative (NBI), a partnership of Nile Basin States. [Full]

East Asia

Cilegon powered by combined-cycle power
January 29, 2008
Electricity demand in Cilegon (Indonesia) is met by a gas turbine combined-cycle power plant.  [Full]

EcoTourism being promoted in Linamon
January 16, 2008
The natural environment in Linamon (Philippines) is being developed and promoted as an eco-tourist destination. [Full]

Bucheon creating a friendly urban environment
January 02, 2008
The theme of the city of Bucheon (Korea) is an environmentally friendly city. [Full]


Tampere Energy Agency plays important role
January 29, 2008
The Energy Agency established in Tampere (Finland) plays an important role in the achievement of energy savings. [Full]

Eco-Pass imposed in Milan
January 16, 2008
Milan (Italy) has started imposing a charge of up to $US 14.50 (10 Euros) on vehicles entering the city. [Full]

Apricots harvested sustainably in Malatya
January 16, 2008
Apricots harvested in Malatya (Turkey) are still dried by traditional methods that are less harmful to the environment. [Full]

Nordhausen County has reinforced its sustainable development process
January 02, 2008
Nordhausen County (Germany) has reinforced its sustainable development process through the project Managing Urban Europe-25 a [Full]

Local Agenda 21 Process of Storström County
December 19, 2007
While Storström County (Denmark) adopted a Local Agenda 21 Action Plan in 1997, the County was involved in the “Green Region  [Full]

Latin America & Carribean

Rio successfully restores its downtown
January 29, 2008
The historical city centre in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Lapa, has been restored as a vibrant area of the city. [Full]

North America

Pro-environment media campaign underway in Dallas
January 29, 2008
Dallas (Texas, U.S.A.) recently launched an advertising and internet campaign showcasing its environmental initiatives, and e [Full]

Vancouver completing its first greenhouse gas inventory
January 29, 2008
Vancouver (Washington, U.S.A.) is collecting its first inventory of greenhouse gas emissions, both for the city government an [Full]

Milpitas joins the Joint Venture Silicon Valley Network Climate Protection Taskforce
January 16, 2008
Milpitas (California, U.S.A.) Council voted unanimously recently to join a regional body working with cities in the state to  [Full]

Sustainable Practice Committee active in Portsmouth
January 16, 2008
The Committee on Sustainable Practices in Portsmouth (U.S.A.) has put forward a number of initiatives in support of the city’ [Full]

Climate action in Westport
January 02, 2008
A conversation on climate action that took place in Westport (Connecticut, U.S.A.) was one of 70 involving local governments  [Full]

Citizens engaged in making Moraga sustainable
January 02, 2008
A local, grassroots citizen’s group in Moraga (California, U.S.A.), Sustainable Moraga, is helping people and organizations t [Full]

Reading launching climate protection
December 19, 2007
Reading (MA, U.S.A.) recently joined the CCP® Campaign being run out of ICLEI’s USA Office. [Full]

Roseville engaged in climate protection
December 19, 2007
Concern for the environment in Roseville (MN, U.S.A.) has resulted in the city joining ICLEI, and becoming a signatory to the [Full]


New GreenHome program for Ballarat
January 29, 2008
The city of Ballarat (Australia) is bringing GreenHome to Ballarat residents. [Full]

Threatened ospreys breeding in Warringah
January 16, 2008
Ospreys, a protected bird under state legislation in Australia, is breeding successfully in Warringah (Australia). [Full]

Bushcare a community activity in Blue Mountains
January 02, 2008
The Bushcare Program in Blue Mountains (Australia) was established to foster a sense of community responsibility for the natu [Full]

Richards Bay part of a protected natural habitat
December 19, 2007
Richards Bay Lagoon (South Africa), built in 1935, was built to accommodate both industry and the environment. [Full]
Brimbank offers sustainable gardening
December 19, 2007
Residents of Brimbank (Australia) could purchase mulch and compost created with recycled organics from selected garden retail [Full]

Businesses in Ararat reducing emissions and saving energy
December 19, 2007
Businesses in Ararat (Australia) that are part of Energise Business are saving on their energy bills and reducing greenhouse  [Full]