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ecoBudget final conference planned

This coming 15-16 October 2007, the municipality of Tubigon (Province of Bohol, Philippines) bears witness to the conclusion of a three-year program, ‘ecoBudget-Asia: Implementing ecoBudget in Asian Local Governments’. With the final conference theme, ecoBudget: An Instrument to Good Local Resource Management and Governance, representatives from 4 local governments (Bologna (Italy), Växjö (Sweden), Guntur (India), and Tubigon (Bohol, Philippines) will converge at the Bohol Beach Club where they will be sharing their experiences and learnings. The Local Government of Bohol invites more than 80 participants representing funding agencies, local and international program partners, and local governments to attend the two-day conference. Focusing on the partnership milestones, experience, accomplishments, lessons, and impacts on the use of the ecoBudget instrument, this final conference envisions the possible replication of the environmental management system to other local governments not only in the Philippines, but throughout Asia. ‘ecoBudget ASIA: Implementing ecoBudget in Asian Local Governments’  is an international cooperation and capacity-building project co-funded by the European Union within the Asia-Urbs programme, and coordinated by the Environment and Green Areas Department of the Municipality of Bologna (Italy). Focused on improving environmental and urban management capacities and local governance, it involves two European municipalities (Bologna and Växjö) and two Asian local governments (Guntur Municipal Corporation and Provincial Government of Bohol), which are assisted by the technical experts of ICLEI’s European, South Asian and Southeast Asian Secretariats. According to the Lord Mayor of Bologna, Mr. Sergio Cofferati, "There are today two opposing ways regarding development. The first sees financial profit as the only criterion with which to measure success. The second considers development to be profoundly linked to such essential aspects as the personal dignity of the worker, public health and the conservation of natural resources. I believe that ecoBudget is a tool that can be used by cities aiming to respect this second concept of development." For more information regarding the event, you may contact ICLEI’s Southeast Asia Secretariat at +63 2 4260851, or by visiting the following websites:  www.iclei.org and www.ecobudget-asia.net.