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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 9, August - September 2007

Sundance Summit a success

ICLEI  once again hosted the Sundance Summit, held in Sundance (Utah, U.S.A.) from 10-12 September 2007.  The Summit has become an annual event which ICLEI organizes, together with Robert Redford, his non-profit conferencing organization Sundance Preserve, and Mayor Rocky Anderson of Salt Lake City (Utah, U.S.A.). The objective of the Summit, around the theme of ‘Sundance Summit: A Mayors’ Gathering on Climate Protection’, was to catalyze and showcase the power of local leadership on climate protection. The event provided every mayor in attendance with the knowledge and tools to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in their respective cities. The Sundance Summit offers an annual forum to expand mayoral leadership and support this influential group by providing information, resources, and communications tools to continually build upon their demonstrated progress. The 2005 event launched an ongoing national effort to halt global warming and influence U.S. national energy policy, and the 2006 event provided critical, support to continue the work and address a specific, requested need: communications assistance. These mayors are rapidly becoming the nation’s leading actors and spokespeople on the climate issue.