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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 9, August - September 2007

ICLEI Members in the top ten of the Global Liveability Ranking

Nine of the top ten most  liveable cities, as determined by a survey of the Economist (Magazine) Intelligence Unit, are ICLEI Members.

The following are the top ten most liveable cities, those highlighted being ICLEI Members:
1.    Vancouver (Canada)
2.    Melbourne (Australia)
3.    Vienna (Austria)
4.    Perth (Australia)
5.    Toronto (Canada)
6.    Adelaide (Australia)
7.    Sydney (Australia)
8.    Copenhagen (Denmark)
9.    Geneva (Switzerland)
10.    Zurich (Switzerland)

Drawing on analysis from worldwide correspondents, in-house country experts and world development indicators, the survey evaluated about 40 factors that could be deemed as ‘possible challenges’ to living in a city, such as perceived level of crime, threat of terrorism, infrastructure stability and climate.

Source:  “Mid-size matters - In a new survey, big cities fare poorly for the same reason they are popular”, National Post, 24 August 2007.