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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 8, June - July 2007

New ‘Local Climate Action Map’ online map

In an attempt to capture the force of local government action on climate change, ICLEI’s U.S.A. Office has launched an online Local Climate Action Map at www.coolmayors.org/climatemap. “The Local Climate Action Map clearly shows the scope of what local governments are attempting and accomplishing as they courageously address global climate change,” said Michelle Wyman, Executive Director of ICLEI-U.S.A. and Director of ICLEI’s Cities for Climate Protection® Campaign. “It’s red and blue states, coastal and inland communities, big cities and small towns, and together they are part of a nationwide movement bubbling up from the local level. The map also tells the story of opportunities not yet realized and the challenges that remain, but the inspiration lies in the leadership and solutions exhibited on this map,” said Ms Wyman. The map marks the start of a more robust effort by ICLEI to survey members and produce tools that provide more consistent, tangible results for local governments working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The preliminary climate profiles displayed on the map for more than 650 jurisdictions include: jurisdiction name, population, whether or not the jurisdiction is a member of ICLEI, whether or not the mayor has signed the Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, and, for many of the areas, some highlights of the work they’re doing. The map is a work in progress. ICLEI will be adding new climate profiles as more local governments join the movement and more detailed information on each local government’s accomplishments as more information is reported. ICLEI will update the existing climate profiles and add climate action highlights as new measures are implemented. The map was introduced at ICLEI’s National Workshop in Fayetteville, Arkansas, where about 150 local elected officials and staff gathered to discuss the economic benefits of local climate action. The map and more information are available at www.coolmayors.org/climatemap