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US Members receive Awards

At the 2007 US Conference of Mayors Meeting (June 2007), many of ICLEI’s US Members were recognized by their peers for mayoral leadership on climate protection and city livability. Mayor’s Climate Protection Awards ICLEI Member Mayor Dan Coody of Fayeteville (Arkansas) was awarded first place honours, along with Mayor Martin Chavez of Albuquerque, and both received the Mayor’s Climate Protection Awards.  The awards recognize and honour mayors for outstanding and innovative practices that mayors are taking to increase energy efficiency in their cities, and to help curb global warming. Through the leadership of Mayor Dan Coody, Fayeteville’s Alternative Transportation and Trail Master Plan has created 208 kilometres (129 miles) of multi-use trails and 262 kilometres (163 miles) of on-street linkages to the city. Outstanding achievement awards were also received by ICLEI Member Mayor Will Wynn of Austin (Texas) and Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago (Illinois).  Mayor Wynn was selected for his innovative program that includes:  making all city facilities, fleets and operations totally carbon-neutral by 2020; switching their fuels to be 30% renewable by 2020; and targeting to have the most energy-efficient building codes in the U.S.A. by making all new single-family homes zero energy capable by 2015. Mayor Daley was selected for the “Smart Bulb Program”, the first program in the U.S.A. to distribute 500,000 free compact fluorescent light bulbs to community residents. Additionally, honourable mentions were awarded to the following ICLEI Members:  Mayor Graham Richard of Fort Wayne (Indiana), Mayor Mufi Hannenmann of Honolulu (Hawaii), Mayor R.T. Ryback of Minneapolis (Minnesota), Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City (New York), Mayor Greg Nickels of Seattle (Washington), and Mayor Marty Blum of Santa Barbara (California). City Livability Awards ICLEI Member Manuel A. Diaz of Miami was one of the U.S. cities that were awarded first place honours in the 2007 City Livability Awards. This award recognizes mayoral leadership for developing and implementing programs that improve the quality of life in American cities. Mayor Diaz was given the award for ELEVATE Miami, the successful city-wide integrated poverty reduction strategy.  The program increases livability through poverty reduction by increasing household income, saving and asset accumulation; establishing a talented workforce; enhancing a thriving entrepreneurial sector; and, building the capacity of its community and faith-based organizations. ICLEI Members that were recognized for Outstanding Achievement include Honolulu (Hawaii) and Louisville Metropolitan (Kentucky).   And ICLEI Member Roanoke (Virginia) received an Honorable Mention citation.