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<< Back to: ICLEI e-News | issue 8, June - July 2007

European Members needed to host ICLEI events

The European Secretariat, together with the International Training Centre, is inviting European Members to express interest in hosting an ICLEI event scheduled for late 2007 through 2009. There are 12 workshops, national and international events that are planned for this time period, including events planned in relation to the upcoming EU Presidencies.   They are as follows:
  • Eco Procura 2008 (bidding process in Europe)
  • Sustainable Cities & Towns in Eastern European Countries / 2008
  • National Training Seminars:  Implementing the Aalborg Commitments
  • European Exploration Seminar on ‘Participatory Budgets’
  • National Conferences on Local Renewables
  • Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) Working Group Meetings
  • Biofuel Cities – A European Partnership:  Workshops and Study Visits
  • International Expert Seminar on Advanced Sustainability Management / 2008
  • National Workshops for implementing the EU Sustainable Development Strategy
  • International Exchange Seminar on ecoBudget
  • Symposium Localising MDGs – Homework to do for European Municipalities
  • Second International Symposium on Greening Events
If you have a special interest in organizing an event that is not currently listed, or if you would like ICLEI to cooperate on an event or project that you are organizing, please indicate as such to the International Training Centre. For more information or to express your interest, please contact the Director of ICLEI’s International Training Centre, Ms Monika Zimmermann, at training.centre@iclei-europe.org.