ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability
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Urban Biodiversity
In the past, biodiversity conservation was viewed as the responsibility of national, provincial and regional governments with little attention given to local government. City governments accross the world have begun to recognize that their role is extremely relevant, especially in light of increasing urbanization.

More local decision makers are realizing that all of the resources that keep human settlements productive, healthy and economically viable must be respected - especially the variety of organisms, ecosystems and natural processes that underpin human survival.  
Urban biodiversity
“Human activities are having an increasing impact on the integrity of ecosystems that provide essential resources and services for human well-being and economic activities. Managing the natural resources base in a sustainable and integrated manner is essential for sustainable development.”
The Johannesburg Plan of Implementation (section 24) that arose out of the World Summit on Sustainable Development (2002)
Because local government is tasked with service provision and ensuring that social and economic development proceeds within the carrying capacity of the biological resource base, it is a significant front-line manager of global biodiversity.