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Dear ICLEI Members and partners,

Welcome to the newest edition of the ICLEI e-News service. ICLEI e-News reports on ongoing ICLEI program and campaign activities, conferences and events, partnerships, and Member activities.

The homepage of the ICLEI website, at www.iclei.org, is updated on a weekly basis, highlighting our current activities, events both past and present, and initatives being undertaken by our Members. The e-News will be a quarterly summary of these features on the website.

ICLEI is eager to showcase its Members, so please send potential news items to media@iclei.org.

Local action moves the world.

Oil Spill off coast of Guimaras Island, Philippines
August 31, 2006
On August 11, 2006, a bunker fuel tanker, carrying over two million litres of fuel sank in the southern Philippines and has l [Full]
Seven ICLEI Members considered the world’s most successful cities
August 16, 2006
The European Institute for Urban Affairs has released their list of nine cities considered to be the most successful, a resul [Full]
Disaster management critical in the world’s megacities
August 16, 2006
Foreign Policy Magazine recently evaluated the ability of mega-cities to handle disasters unique to their location. [Full]
New CCP Australia Website
August 09, 2006
The Cities for Climate Protection - Australia program website has been improved with new features and resource materials. [Full]
Toronto renews the ICLEI World Secretariat Host Agreement
August 02, 2006
The City of Toronto, the host of the ICLEI World Secretariat since 1991 after ICLEI’s formation in 1990, has once again gener [Full]
ICLEI partners with the Clinton Climate Initiative
August 02, 2006
Clinton Climate Initiative Chooses ICLEI as Key Partner in Fighting Global Warming [Full]
Local governments striving for providing sustainable access to water
July 26, 2006
Poverty alleviation & other economic development initiatives are issues that will be at the heart of the discussions taking p [Full]
EU Sustainable Development Strategy supports ICLEI’s LA21 Processes
July 26, 2006
The recently adopted EU Sustainable Development Strategy, which requires the integration of sustainable development into all  [Full]
New Zealand Energy Minister praises the Communities for Climate Protection Program
July 26, 2006
Speaking at a recognition event for councils participating in the Communities for Climate Protection Program in New Zealand,  [Full]
Environmental Prize awarded to ICLEI Southeast Asia’s Water Campaign
July 13, 2006
ICLEI Southeast Asia’s (SEA) pioneering work on Sustainable Water Integrated Management and Governance (SWIM) pilot-tested in [Full]
Mayor Kabuye President of Uganda’s Association of Local Governments
July 12, 2006
Mayor Stephen Kabuye of Entebbe (Uganda), Vice President of ICLEI, has recently been appointed as President of the Urban Auth [Full]
ecoBUDGET project in Guntur forms Stakeholder Committee
July 05, 2006
As part of the ecoBUDGET Program, the Guntur Municipal Corporation (India) is forming a committe [Full]
ICLEI-Oceania partners in a Sustainable Consumption Project
July 05, 2006
ICLEI has partnered with Sustainability Victoria and the Australian Centre for Science, Innovation and Society to support cou [Full]
Planning underway on ICLEI’s Biodiversity Initiative
June 28, 2006
ICLEI’s Local Action for Biodiversity Initiative gained momentum this week when biodiversity managers of ICLEI Members met wi [Full]
New and Improved CCP-NZ website launched
June 28, 2006
We invite you to have a look at the revised Communities for Climate Protection Campaign in New Zealand. [Full]
ICLEI’s Local Agenda 21 work in Europe receives support from the European Union
June 28, 2006
The renewed EU Sustainable Development Strategy was adopted in the European Council on 15-16 June 2006. The Strategy acknowle [Full]
Geneva Hosts Inspiring Global Cities Forum
June 28, 2006
Emilio d'Alessio, Member of ICLEI's Executive Committee and Deputy Mayor of Ancona (Italy) and Secretary General Konrad Otto- [Full]
ICLEI Vice President at World Urban Forum III
June 21, 2006
ICLEI Vice President Stephen Kabuye, Mayor of Entebbe (Uganda), chaired a networking session on the Lake Victoria Region Loca [Full]
US Members join the ICLEI WS for Breakfast
June 14, 2006
The ICLEI World Secretariat were pleased to have an opportunity to meet ICLEI Members and CCP Campaign participants from citi [Full]
Portland and other ICLEI USA Members rank the ‘most sustainable’
June 07, 2006
Portland (Oregon, USA) ranked highest among the 50 largest US cities for using its assets and infrastructure wisely, keeping  [Full]
CCP New Zealand discussed on the radio
June 07, 2006
Listen in on a radio program where the CCP Campaign in New Zealand was discussed. Titled Communities and Climate Change</i&nbsp;<span class="newsListTimeStamp">[Full]
Hamilton adopts its Growth Management Strategy
May 31, 2006
Following years of planning, a triple bottom line analysis, and a generous period for public review and comment, Hamilton (On [Full]
Louise Comeau joins ICLEI as Director, ICLEI-Canada
May 31, 2006
ICLEI is pleased to welcome Louise Comeau as Director, ICLEI-Canada. [Full]
ICLEI Member Växjö part of ‘Success for Sustainable Energy Systems in Advanced Cities’
May 31, 2006
ICLEI Member Växjö (Sweden), together with Grenoble, France, and Delft, Netherlands, are participating in an EU-sponsored pro [Full]

Fayeteville Notebook: A Daily Report on the Saving Money & Saving Energy Workshop
July 10, 2007
This week about 150 local government elected officials and staff and other interested parties are gathering in Fayetteville,  [Full]
Local Renewables Conference sends out a call for action
June 20, 2007
Last week, ICLEI together with the City of Freiburg (Germany) held a European conference on sustainable energy that concluded [Full]
Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction First Session held
June 13, 2007
From 5 to 7 June, approximately 1,200 participants from 120 national governments, 64 United Nations agencies and 54 non-gover [Full]
LocalRenewables Conference Second International Seminar planned
June 13, 2007
The Second International Seminar of the LocalRenewables Model Community Network will take place in Betim (Brazil) from 27 to  [Full]
LoGo Water Symposium will be held July 2007
June 06, 2007
A symposium of the LoGo Water Project is planned for 9-10 July 2007 in Ekurhuleni (South Africa). [Full]
African Cities Symposium on Climate Change
August 09, 2006
On Wednesday, September 20, 2006, ICLEI will host a one-day symposium on climate change as part of the Africities 4 Summit in [Full]
Procura+ Participants recognized
August 02, 2006
Thirty Procura+ participants, national partners and potential future participants met at the second Participants M [Full]
North American Local Leaders Step Up Efforts To Battle Climate Change
July 19, 2006
Nearly 150 mayors and local officials from jurisdictions across Canada, Mexico and the US gathered in Chicago at the ICLEI No [Full]
Betim hosts launch of ELo-Brasil
July 19, 2006
The city of Betim (Brazil) hosted the 1st Seminar on Renewable Energy and Local Power, together with the 1st< [Full]
ICLEI Southeast Asia hosts Seminar on Sustainability Management
July 05, 2006
Thirty participants representing local governments in the Philippines attended the three-day seminar, ‘Sustainability Managem [Full]
ICLEI Hosting Events at WUF3
June 15, 2006
ICLEI was invited by UN-HABITAT to have an active role at the third World Urban Forum. WUF III is taking place in Vancouver, [Full]
Live from Toronto: The 2006 Smog Summit
June 07, 2006
The Smog Summit is an annual event held in Toronto, bringing together three levels of government to discuss and coordinate ac [Full]