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New Handbook Promotes Cycling and Ecomobility

May 08, 2009

GTZ SUTP, in partnership with Interface for Cycling Expertise (I-Ce) and the Sustainable Urban Mobility in Asia (SUMA) initiative, have created and launched "Cycling-inclusive Policy Development: A Handbook". The handbook provides planners, engineers, community leaders and advocates with vital information on how to develop cycle-friendly policies, facilities and transportation systems. Cycling is a great example of EcoMobility, which is transport without the use of motorized vehicles such as a car. The Global Alliance for EcoMobility, supported by ICLEI, aims to reduce dependency on private motorized vehicles, and promote environmentally friendly modes of transportation

SUTP members can download the handbook online and non-members can register at SUTP (free of charge) and then download the publication.

By: Suniya Kukaswadia (media@iclei.org)