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Rimini Charter on Sustainable and Competitive Tourism successfully approved

December 26, 2008

Organized by the Province of Rimini, Italy, a prime tourist destination, in cooperation with ICLEI European Secretariat, the Second Annual Conference on Sustainable Tourism focussed on issues of sustainability and competitiveness, tourism and climate change, and identity enhancement in relation to tourist destinations in the Mediterranean region. 

Keynote speakers

About 40 speakers and panelists from different countries participated in the conference, each of who brought their contributions to discussions in three panels and six workshops.

Among the keynote speakers were Luigi Cabrini (Director of UNWTO - Sustainable Development of Tourism); Murray Simpson (Oxford University and Coordinator of the UNEP report ‘Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation in the Tourism Sector’); and Juliana Gabriela Aluas (European Commission, DG Enterprise).  ICLEI European Secretariat Executive Director Wolfgang Teubner brought in the relevant reletionship between  Aalborg Commitments and sustainable tourism.

Committing to sustainable tourism

At the end of the conference the participants approved the Rimini Charter for Sustainable and Competitive Tourism.  The 2008 Rimini Charter supports the 2004 Aalborg Commitments with regards to Sustainable Tourism and agrees on the “Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European tourism” approved by the European Commission in October 2007.  It focuses on the objectives of the World Tourism Organisation to promote and achieve sustainable tourism development.


For the programme, presentation and Charter (all available soon) please visit the web site.

For additional information please contact Kirsten Wolfrath or Andrea Burzacchini.