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Traffic being managed in Chattanooga neighbourhoods

October 17, 2007

In March 2007, Chattanooga (Tennessee, U.S.A.) updated its neighbourhood traffic management plan.  The plan is aligned with the city’s Thoroughfare Plan, which is designed to control through traffic in residential areas.  

This plan is an ongoing effort to resolve neighbourhood traffic problems based on sound technical analysis and community participation.
To determine the need and type of traffic calming measure, an evaluation process must take place that engages the local community first and foremost, followed by a traffic assessment by city engineers.  Projects are then evaluated on a criteria/point system that considers traffic volume, speeds and the history of accidents.

To control through traffic and promote public safety, effective solutions include permanently installed devices such as markings, traffic circles and asphalt speed tables.  Other diverter devices include street closures, one-way operation, and restrictive curb extensions.

Private and commercial vehicles are a leading source of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants.  Reducing vehicle use and using alternative forms of transportation and alternative fuels are some approaches to reducing these vehicular emissions.  For more information, please visit www.iclei.org/ccp.

Chattanooga is one of 208 local governments in the U.S.A. that are currently Members of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.   For more information on ICLEI and its activities in the U.S.A., please visit www.iclei.org/usa.

Source:  “Chatanooga Traffic Management Program Guidelines”, Traffic Engineering Division, Department of Public Works, City of Chattanooga, March 2007