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Water management in Zaragoza

September 19, 2007

The municipality of Zaragoza is committed to managing its water supply and its distribution in a sustainable way.

To manage demand and reduce water consumption, investigations for leakage are conducted, public awareness campaigns have been undertaken, and the charging of higher tariffs have resulted in two major paper production industries using more efficient production methods.

Additionally, the Zaragoza Local Agenda 21 Office is coordinating sustainable water activities which include:

  • establishing a water library in a renovated building of Roman origin;
  • assisting 50 schools in growing vegetable gardens;
  • publishing environmental indicators; as well as
  • addressing leakage detection in the water network.

Zaragoza is also a participant in the SWITCH Project.  This Project is a global consortium, whose goal is to catalyze change towards more sustainable water management in the ‘City of the Future’.  For more information on the SWITCH Project, please visit www.switchurbanwater.eu.

ICLEI has its own international freshwater Water Campaign, which aims to build the capacity of local governments to reduce water consumption and improve local water quality.  For more information on ICLEI’s Water Campaign, please visit www.iclei.org/water.

Zaragoza is one of 167 local governments in Europe that are currently Members of ICLEI - Local Governments for Sustainability.  For more information on ICLEI and its activities in Europe, please visit www.iclei.org/europe .

Source:  “Zaragoza City Story”, Switch Project website.