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Rivers in Vadodara serve as the storm water drainage system

August 08, 2007

The network of two rivers and ‘kaans’ (water courses) form the storm water drainage system for Vadodara (India).

Presently Vadodara has about 150 kilometres of storm water drains, and about 50 kilometres of major kaans.

Additionally, five major natural drains (nallahs) carry the entire storm water runoff from the city, and drain it into the river. 

In 1996, a storm water drainage master plan was prepared, recommending implementation of additional storm water drains in phases.  Based on priorities and the availability of funds, much of this improvement work is still to be done.  It remains a high priority, however, as the following issues have arisen that have led to floods in the city:

  • the development of housing complexes that have changed the alignment and gradient of the natural kaans;
  • unauthorized construction and encroachment of slum dwellers in various areas has reduced the size of the drainage system; and
  • the rectangular shape of the drains, originally put in place in 1894, resulting in the build-up of silt.

ICLEI has an international freshwater Water Campaign that aims to build the capacity of local governments to reduce water consumption and improve local water quality. For more information on ICLEI’s Water Campaign, please visit www.iclei.org/water.

Vadodara is one of 10 local governments in India that are currently Members of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability.  For more information on ICLEI and its activities in South Asia, please visit www.iclei.org/southasia.

Source:  “Infrastructure Assessment of Vadodara City”, Vadodara Municipal Corporation, 2006.