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<< Back to: Member News: ICLEI e-News | issue 8, June - July 2007

Katowice a green city in Poland

June 20, 2007

More than 40 percent of the city’s area is covered by forests, and together with other green areas, this level increases up to 60 percent.  A part of the forests are nature reserves with protected species of both flora and fauna.

Severe ecological damage to the natural environment occurred after the Second World War when Katowice was under communist rule.  Subsequent changes in regulations, procedures and policies have fortunately reversed much of the harm that was done.

Katowice also boasts over 80 km of specified bicycle routes.

Planting trees and vegetation have multiple environmental benefits.  They reduce stormwater runoff and erosion, shade from trees reduce the need for air conditioning in warm months and lower heating costs in cooler months by breaking the force of cold winds, and the leaves and roots act as natural filters for air and water by removing particulate matter and polluting nutrients.  Additionally, a community forest can absorb enough carbon dioxide annually to compensate for driving a vehicle 41,834 kilometres.  For more information on greenspacing, please visit www.iclei.org/ccp.

Katowice is one of 166 local governments in Europe that are currently Members of ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability. For more information on ICLEI and its activities in Europe, please visit www.iclei.org/europe.

Source:  City of Katowice website at www.um.katowice.pl/en/, and information on Katowice on Wikipedia.

Picture author and license found here.