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Rimini to host Conference on Sustainable Tourism

Greening Sports in Rimini, Italy

August 25, 2008

Rimini hosted the first annual Confédération Sportive Internationale du Travail (CSIT) world sport games this summer.  With 50,000 people participating in the event, it presented a perfect venue to broaden the city’s commitment to Agenda 21 and raise awareness of environmental issues within both the local and sporting communities.  In an attempt to create a culture of sustainability, the city also wanted to create a model that could be replicated by other cities with an aim to reduce the environmental impacts caused by large events.

Rimini Adapts Agenda 21 Principles of the IOC

In keeping with the Agenda 21 commitments of the International Olympic Committee to:  

  • Improve socio economic conditions through addressing consumption, health protection, and the promotion of sports facilities that meet social needs and integrate development and environmental concepts into sports policies, and     
  • Conserve and manage resources for sustainable development by focusing on conservation and management of resources and the natural environment with an aim to improve socio-economic conditions, encouraging environmental education and preservation,

Rimini wanted to use sport as an element of social experimentation; use sport as a tool to foster responsible consumer habits; and turn sports events into a tool to contain pressure generated by humankind on the environment.The organization identified actions and measures to be taken under four themes that account for the main impacts of large events on both local and global ecosystems. These are water, waste, green purchasing and transportation.  The objectives and action plans for each theme are clearly outlined on the CSIT website. 

Second International Conference on Sustainable Tourism

Rimini will host the Second International Conference on Sustainable Tourism from 27-29 November 2008.  This year’s theme is Sustainability, Competitiveness and Identity in Tourism Destinations.  The topics of Sustainability and Competitiveness, Tourism and Climate Change, and Identity Enhancement will be explored in relation to the Mediterranean region. 

ICLEI is in charge of program coordination for the conference.